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Monday Contact Class

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The aim of the “Contact” class is to remain calm and centered in the face of adversity. This goes far beyond basic physical conditioning.

In the training we are learning to play with external forces and pressures that are being applied to us. Can we remain calm and comfortable whilst under the pressure of being attacked, or being at the limit of our physical capabilities? How we respond to these pressures often mimic the way we respond to external pressures in everyday life, such as, pressure from your partner, family and professional situations. 

Contact training allows us to understand the forces. Forces are constantly being applied to our beings in every moment, be it external or internal. How we respond to these forces displays the essence of who we are. If we can sense and be aware of the forces acting upon us, we can then spontaneously respond with the appropriate actions. 

To sense, results in connecting, which means to comprehend the direction, depth and energy of a force, only then can the relevant action be taken to either, accept and embrace it or to neutralize and dissolve it. The more centered and calm you are, the earlier the force can be felt. For some, this means, neutralizing the energy of a negative intention before it has had the time and space to manifest.

When – Monday’s 19:00 – 20:30

WhereZákladní Škola Praha 7, Strossmayerovo náměstí

Training Cost – 150 kc

For further information about the Class. Contact us:

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Základní Škola Praha 7, Strossmayerovo náměstí

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