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The Flow Form

is an integrated series of movements designed to develop an energetic balance between the body, mind and soul.


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Know more

Open the door

Based on my experience the Flow Form can open the door to the Taiji world for new learners across age groups thanks to its straightforward way of moving from foot to foot which encourages a fluent advance both physically in space and mentally in learning postures and understanding an overall "design" of a form in a short time. For students who have already got some experience it can further develop their balance, fluidity of movement and openness to play with it.



I am loving teaching the Flow Form, especially in my Senior Classes, as it is so much more achievable to learn. It allows us to work more on the principles instead of occupying our attention with many details as in learning the Classic Taiji Form. Focus on the feel, breath, support of the feet, there is space and time for it. Also my students are enjoying it very much. Perfect tool bringing joy to both teacher and students.


Easy to learn

I always liked watching people practice Taiji, their calm concentration and graceful postures. It seemed daunting though to try it as it´s hard for me to “read” movement, let alone remember it. Then one day I did try and started to practise. I felt so lost at the beginning, had it not been for the Flow Form I think I might´have quit after a couple of weeks. The Flow Form is quite easy to learn, no complicated postures and details, and in a couple of weeks I was able to practice a large part of the First Section by myself. This was such a huge achievement! For me, the Flow Form is a great door-opener and the right stepping stone to learning more Taiji.

New ZOOM Flow Form Class
New ZOOM Flow Form Class


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