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“To practice the Flow Form, is to harmonize with yourself, others and the environment surrounding you.”

The Flow Form

“When a Taiji colleague with over 20 years experience told me that she had been embarrassed after going to a gym and finding that her balance was terrible compared to other ladies of similar age, it really got me thinking…….a few months later The Flow Form was born.”

Created in 2012, the 132 Posture Flow Form is an integrated series of movements, designed to develop balance, fluidity and structural integrity while inducing calmness and increased perceptual awareness.

The Form is practical, straightforward, and most importantly easy to learn and easy to practice. More focus can be spent on cultivating the “flow” within the movement instead of spending endless amounts of time just learning details.

To go through the Flow Form can take between 5-15 min, generally it is easier to practice quicker and then once you have more experience you can slow down the movements in order to “feel” more. The Form is split into Five Sections, each comprising between 20-30 postures.

The Flow Form is not a system or a style, it is however an exceptional tool to use to give you some benefit in some way. It is easily accessible, playful and generous in its Freedom.


Great For

Anyone who is interested in:

  • Developing their Energy
  • Revitalizing their Health
  • Reducing their Stress
  • Connecting with themselves and others
  • Yoga, Taiji and Dance Teachers, Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists.

People of all ages, from all walks of life have found benefit in practicing the Flow Form, what can it do for you?



Learn for Free

In an effort to spread the benefits of the Flow Form, we have made the entire practice available for FREE! That is over 7 hours of Free Instructional Videos that can be watched here on the website or by subscribing to our youtube channel.

For those that prefer to learn in a Class situation, you can try our search directory to find an Official Teacher near you. Also, Workshops will become available soon, find out when and where the next ones will be located.

If you are interested in becoming an Official Teacher, please view the requirements.



The Flow Form works on all three levels of the body; the Physical, the Psychological and the Spiritual. It does this by applying four integral principles:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Correct Structure
  • Movement

Breathing is the quickest way to dissolve excessive tension throughout the body, the inhale calms the mind and the exhale relaxes the body. Correct lower abdominal breathing strengthens the center, reduces fatigue, increases vitality and metabolism, stabilizes blood pressure and reduces cellular degeneration. Effectively producing greater clarity, less stress, calmness and alertness.

Relaxation is the state of the body and mind that makes it possible to accomplish a task effectively with the least required effort. It is not about being collapsed but about doing exactly what needs to be done. It corresponds, in a given situation, in using the minimum tension whilst facing a situation. 

Structure  refers to the proper alignment of the body. If the body is not properly aligned, it becomes weak. The muscles contract excessively and the mind becomes numb. If the body is aligned, the body feels light and the mind becomes agile.    

The Movement developed in the Flow Form starts from the feet and ripples through the body in a fluid, wave like motion. The weight is distributed 100% on one leg, developing both balance and structural integrity. A stable psyche is reflected through the continuous, calm movement.



The Flow Form develops and deepens the relaxation of body and mind, overcoming stress and its associated illnesses.

The unique process of slowly shifting your weight from one leg to the other along with smooth diaphragmatic breathing requires deep focus and concentration, making this an exceptional practice to activate the Deep Core Stabilization System.

Some of the many benefits that can result from regular practice:

  • Better Balance
  • Efficient Lymph Flow
  • Better Alignment
  • Strengthening the Foot Arch
  • Improved Posture
  • Correcting Hip Imbalance
  • Improved Blood Circulation and Pressure
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Sharper Focus and Concentration
  • Reduction of Knee and Ankle Pain.

Initially the student should feel a general release of tension throughout the body and mind, after continual practice these feelings of release should deepen and extend into normal daily activities. The increased awareness of the subtle sensations and reactions within the body and mind will lead to an overall body/mind awareness, and extend into mindfulness in every situation.

In most traditional medicine, health problems are dealt with as soon as any imbalance in the energy system of the body is detected. Disease and Illness comes from the imbalance at the elemental level in the body, this is generally attributed to the blockage in the flow of the energy system from physical and mental stress. The gentle nature of the Flow Form enhances and deepens the Chi flow, balancing the energy system and preventing blockages from building up.



Partner Work

In the Partner Work we are learning to play with external forces and pressures that are being applied to us.

Can we remain calm and comfortable whilst being put under pressure, or being at the limit of our physical capabilities? How we respond to these pressures often mimic the way we respond to external pressures in everyday life, such as, pressure from your partner, family and professional situations. 

Partner Work training allows us to understand the forces. Forces are constantly being applied to our beings in every moment, be it external or internal. How we respond to these forces displays the essence of who we are. If we can sense and be aware of the forces acting upon us, we can then spontaneously respond with the appropriate actions.

To sense, results in connecting, which means to comprehend the direction, depth and energy of a force, only then can the relevant action be taken to either, accept and embrace it or to neutralize and dissolve the force.The more centered and calm you are, the earlier the force can be felt. For some, this means, neutralizing the energy of a negative intention before it has had the time and space to manifest.