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Postures of the Flow Form

Posture #Set #Posture NameDirection
First Section
11Right Ward OffRight
22Grasp the Sparrows Tail
– Left Ward Off
33– High Right Ward OffBack/Right Corner
44– Roll BackRight
55– Step BackFront/Right Corner
66– PressRight
77– PushRight
88SweepFront/Left Corner
99Taiji BallFront/Right Corner
1010Single WhipLeft
1111Raise ArmsFront
1212Relax the ArmsLeft
1313Shoulder StrokeFront/Left Corner
1414White Crane Spreads its WingsLeft
1515Step BackFront
1616Brush KneeLeft
1717Step back (Play Guitar)Front
1818Brush KneeLeft
1919Step BackLeft
2020Step Up and Block Back/Left Corner
2121ParryFront/Left Corner
2323Apparent Close UpLeft
2525Step Back to OpenFront
2626Cross HandsFront
Second Section
271Embrace the Tiger, return to Mountain
– Step to the Side
Front/Right Corner
282– Turn to CornerFront/Left Corner
293Grasp the Sparrows Tail
– Ward Off Right
Back/Left Corner
304– Roll BackRight
315– PressBack/Left Corner
326– Step BackBack/Left Corner
337– PushBack/Left Corner
359Taiji BallFront/Right Corner
3610Diagonal Single WhipFront/Left Corner
3711Fairy Flaps Sleeves
– Step Back
Front/Left Corner
3812– Turn and SweepLeft
3913– Step to the CornerFront/Left Corner
4014– Step back and openBack/Left Corner
4115– Strike throughFront/Left Corner
4216Fist Under ElbowLeft
4317Repulse Monkey
– Right
Front/Left Corner
4418– LeftBack/Left Corner
4519– RightFront/Left Corner
4620– LeftBack/Left Corner
4721– RightFront/Left Corner
4822– LeftBack/Left Corner
4923Slanting FlyFront/Right Corner
5024Wave Hands Like Clouds
– Left
Front/Left Corner
5125– RightFront/Right Corner
5226– LeftFront/Left Corner
5327– RightFront/Right Corner
5428– LeftFront/Left Corner
5529– RightFront/Right Corner
5630SweepFront/Left Corner
5731High Pat on HorseFront
5832Single WhipLeft
Third Section
591Step Back and prepare for Snake Creeps down.Front/Left Corner
602Golden Cock stands on Left LegLeft
613Golden Cock stands on Right LegLeft
624First Separate Leg
– Step Back and Open
Back/Left Corner
635– Press to CornerFront/Left Corner
646– Draw back and protect the GroinBack/Left Corner
657– Up and Turn, KickFront/Left Corner
668Second Separate Leg
– Open to the Corner
Front/Left Corner
679– Press to CornerBack/Left Corner
6810– Draw back and protect the groinFront/Left Corner
6911– Up and Turn, KickBack/Left Corner
7012Sweep to Cross HandsRight
7113Step BackBack
7214Up and Turn, Kick with HeelRight
7315Brush Knee – LeftRight
7416Step BackRight
7517Step UpFront/Right Corner
7618Brush Knee – RightRight
7719Step BackRight
7820AdvanceBack/Right Corner
7921Plant FistRight
8022Step BackRight
8123Step UpFront/Right Corner
8224Grasp the Sparrows Tail
– High Right Ward Off
Back/Right Corner
8325– Roll BackFront/Right Corner
8426– PressRight
8527– Step BackRight
8628– PushRight
8729SweepFront/Left Corner
8830Taiji BallFront/Right Corner
8931Single WhipLeft
Fourth Section
901Fair Lady Weaves her Shuttles
– Step Back
912– Drop Left HandFront
923– Interchange of ArmsRight
934– First Fair LadyFront/Right Corner
945– Step BackFront/Right Corner
956– Interchange of Weight and ArmsBack
967– Second Fair LadyFront/Left Corner
978– Roll BackLeft
989– Slide Arm UnderFront/Left Corner
9910– Third Fair LadyBack/Left Corner
10011– Step BackBack/Left Corner
10112– Interchange of Weight and ArmsFront
10213– Fourth Fair LadyBack/Right Corner
10314– Downward IntentionRight
10415– Taiji BallBack/RightCorner
10516Grasp the Sparrows Tail
– Left Ward Off
10617– High Right Ward OffBack/Right Corner
10718– Roll BackFront/Right Corner
10819– PressRight
10920– Step BackRight
11021– PushRight
11122SweepFront/Left Corner
11223Taiji BallFront/Right Corner
11324Single WhipLeft
Fifth Section
1141Step BackFront/Left Corner
1152Step up Seven StarsLeft
1163Step Back Front
1174Ride the TigerLeft
1185Sweep, Step and TurnRight
1196Turn and Slide ArmLeft
1207Lotus KickLeft
1218SweepFront/Left Corner
1229Step Back and Pull In.Back/Left Corner
12310Bend the Bow to Shoot the TigerBack/Left Corner
12411Roll BackLeft
12512Taiji BallBack
12613Side Step, Up and BlockBack/Left Corner
12714ParryFront/Left Corner
12916Apparent Close UpLeft
13118Step Back to OpenFront
13219Cross HandsFront