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Free Videos

We have an extensive library of Free Instructional Videos for you to watch, over 7 hours of footage and growing everyday.

To make sure you are informed about the newest videos being uploaded, subscribe to our Youtube Channel.


What is the Flow Form? When was it created, who created it and why was it created? Understand more about the Flow Form.



Standing Postures

The Standing Postures develop correct body structure and fullness, it expands on the concentration and focus produced in the breathing practice. Heightened perception and awareness can be experienced.




Rotational Exercises

The Rotational Exercises open and prepare our body, making sure the fascia, ligaments and tendons are all warm and ready to perform.



The 132 Posture Flow Form

The Instructional Videos for the postures of the Flow Form. Click on the relevant Section;

Breathing Meditation

The Breathing Meditation brings our awareness to our center, gathering the life force (Chi), into the Dan-tien. The concentration becomes one-pointed, the mind becomes still and the energy abundant.