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Share the benefits that you have received from the Flow Form by teaching it.

Teach the Flow Form

Regardless of the style or system that you are practicing, anyone can become an Instructor or Teacher of the Flow Form.

We have two levels of Official Teaching Certification in the Flow Form, an Instructor and a Teacher.

The essential difference between an Instructor and a Teacher is that the Teacher understands the dynamics and principles associated with the Partner work.


A Certified Instructor can list their classes on our website, they would have one full page to promote themselves and their classes with links to their website and social channels, they can also post a promotional video on that page.


A Certified Teacher has the options available to the Instructor, plus the chance to create Instructional Videos and post it on our website and Youtube channel. The bigger we can collectively create the channel the more potential views and bigger reach your videos can extend to. There is huge potential to teach anything that is slightly related to the Flow Form, stretching, breathing, your own exercises etc. You can post in any language you want to target your audience.

In addition the Teacher has the chance to be able to teach Workshops under the Banner of the Flow Form.




  • Can perform the whole Flow Form without hesitation, with hips soft, tailbone tucked under and fluid movement.
  • Know the Rotational Exercises.
  • Know the Breathing Meditation.
  • Know the Standing postures.
  • Recite the Chang San-Feng Taiji classic.


  • Can perform the whole Flow Form without hesitation, with hips soft, tailbone tucked under and fluid movement.
  • Know the Rotational Exercises, Breathing Meditation and the Standing postures.
  • Recite the Chang San-Feng Taiji classic.
  • Know the six Partner Work patterns, the 7 Pushes, the Double Hand Push, the Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push, Round Arms, Swinging Arms and the Open and Close in the stepping format.
  • Can perform and guide the Pushing on the Body and the Sticking exercises.
  • Understand the Eight Variations and be able to perform them off the Round Arm sequence.
  • Recite the Taiji Classics, Wang Tsung Yueh, The Song of the Thirteen Postures, The Understanding of the Thirteen Postures and The Song of Tuishou.
  • Check the Structure of a Student.
  • Create and teach their own 10 step form.
  • Understand how to structure a workshop.

How to Become Certified


If you are interested to teach the Flow Form then the first step is to qualify for the Official Instructor Certificate. For that you will need to take the following steps.

  1. Meet Requirements for the Instructor level (see above).
  2. Register for the Instructor Certificate the registration fee is €95; you can pay here, Instructor Certificate. Once purchased you will receive a PDF file with an attached video with information explaining the evaluation process to become certified.
  3. Send a videoof yourself performing the complete Flow Form through to If you are not sure how to send the video, you can use Uschovna for the transfer. Please send a small written introduction also. If you need corrections in the Form, we will advise and you can send us another video. If you cannot reach the level required in your Form in the 90 days, then you will need to re-purchase, so please make sure you can meet the requirements above before purchasing.
  4. Answer Questionsyou need to answer the questions relating to the Chang San-Feng Taiji Classic contained in the PDF file. The Classic is explained throughout the Instructional Videos of the Form. Just like the video, send the answers through to us at
  5. Receive your Instructor Certificateonce you have successfully demonstrated the Form and answered the questions, you will receive a confirmation email from us with your Instructors Certificate attached as a PDF file.
  6. Add a Listingas an Instructor you would be mentioned on our List of Teachers page and you are now eligible to add a listing on the Flow Form website to advertise yourself, the subscription costs €4 per month for an Instructor/Teacher listing.


To become a Certified Teacher you need to attend a Certified Teacher Workshop, currently Prague is the only place where this takes place. As the qualification to a Teacher requires understanding of Partner Work, this is not a step that can be done online.

Only Certified Instructors can attend these Workshops.

The cost of the Teacher Certificate is €95, payable at the workshop, this does not include the price of the Workshop.