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2021 September Contact Workshop

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The Workshop will focus on “Contact”, how to apply it, and how to receive it.

The majority of the practice will consist of working with one or more partners.

SunDo Taoist Yoga is an optional practice that will be offered in the mornings.

The Workshop will be taught in English, translation can be provided.

Numbers will be limited, so please apply early. Complete beginners are welcome.

2021 September Workshop


FRIDAY 10th 18:00-19:30
SATURDAY 11th 6:30-8:00 SunDo Taoist Yoga
SUNDAY 12th 6:30-8:00 SunDo Taoist Yoga

When – September 10-12th (Friday afternoon/evening to Sunday after lunch).

Where – Panenska Rozsicka –

Training Cost -1800 kc

Accommodation and Food – 900 kc for the weekend. Rooms will be shared. Lenka will cook vegetarian lunches on Saturday and Sunday and provide soup for dinner, you arrange your own breakfast, cooking facilities and a fridge are provided.

Book – To book your place please fill out the following form and send a 500 kc deposit  to;

2401190975/2010 (account Bodyworx CZ, s.r.o., IČ 05924707)

Registration Form

Rsvp by the 23rd of August.

For further detailed information about the Workshop or additional information. Contact us:

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Panenská Rozsíčka - obecní úřad Panenská Rozsíčka 33, 589 01

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