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Free Online Flow Form Class

Thursday the 25th of November!
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Catch the Flow

  • Posted 2 years ago

Free Class continues with regular (paid) Flow Form classes on Thursday 19:15 – 20:15

We are happy to announce that we will have another Free Online Flow Form Class!

The Flow Form is an integrated series of movements designed to develop an energetic balance between the body, mind and soul.
Four main principles are focused on during the practice, Breathing, Relaxation, Correct Structure and Movement.

The Class is divided into 4 parts:
– Rotational Exercises
– Breathing Meditation
– Standing Postures
– The Flow Form

No previous experience or fitness level is required.

This Free Class as well as the following paid Classes will be recorded and be open to view for one week after the class;
Password: flow

The password for the Video of the paid classes will be given after each class.

When: Thursday 25th of November 19:15–20:15 (CET)

Link for lesson:

Meeting ID: 899 4707 3311
Passcode: 235299

How to use Zoom
1. Zoom needs to be installed on your computer or phone

2. To use Zoom, you need to know the buttons in the zoom window:
– Bottom left (Mute / Un-mute, Stop Video / Start Video)
This will allow you to turn off the sound or image of your computer.

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